Oilseed Rape

Dow AgroSciences has a strong heritage in the discovery and development of active ingredients (aminopyralid, clopyralid, haloxyfop, piclorame, propyzamide) used in oilseed rape (OSR) herbicide products, such as Galera™, Lontrel™, Runway™, Navigator™, Kerb™, Astrokerb™, lelo™ and Gallant™. A revolutionary solution to the problem of broad-leaved weeds, Arylex™ active is set to be the latest innovation to the wide-ranging Dow AgroSciences OSR herbicide portfolio.

Arylex for OSR will be available in several co-formulations that will provide European growers with effective, flexible and easy to use post-emergence herbicides for treatment throughout the autumn and spring seasons. With the new Arylex solutions, growers now have the opportunity to move away from existing pre-emergence/early-post weed control towards a more sustainable practice; the targeted weed control.



Belkar™ Herbicide with Arylex™ Active

Belkar™ herbicide is a broad spectrum broadleaf herbicide for autumn use on oilseed rape. It combines two active ingredients, Arylex™ active and picloram in a NeoEC™ premix formulation (Arylex 9.6 g ae/L+ picloram 48 g ai/L). Applied in the autumn from BBCH12-14, Belkar provides advanced post-emergence control of a broad spectrum of troublesome broadleaf weeds, including Capsella bursa-pastoris, Galium aparine,Matricaria spp, Papaver rhoeas, Geranium spp., Centaurea cyanus and Thlaspi arvensis. This herbicide is currently registered in Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.