Oilseed Rape

Dow AgroSciences is a market leader in the oilseed rape herbicide market in Europe, with five active ingredients currently registered, including clopyralid, piclorame, aminopyralid, propyzamide, and haloxyfop. The company offers farmers a wide range of formulated products to control broadleaf weeds and grasses in winter and spring oilseed rape including Lontrel, Galera, Navigator, Runway, Kerb, Astrokerb, Ielo and Gallant. Arylex herbicide will be an important addition to this portfolio, strengthening the weed control spectrum on particularly difficult to control weeds.

Arylex will be available in several co-formulations with other Dow AgroSciences proprietary actives to provide oilseed rape growers effective and flexible post-emergence control of key broadleaf and grass weeds in the fall and spring. First European registrations for oilseed rape are expected in 2017 and 2018.