Forage Brassica

Invasive broadleaf weeds can quickly overrun rangeland, reducing the area of productive pastures, as well as lessening the overall feed value of the crop. ForageMax™ herbicide, with Arylex™ active, is highly effective at controlling these weeds, which allows farmers to grow more of their own feed.



ForageMax™ with Arylex Active

ForageMax™ herbicide is a broad spectrum herbicide for broadleaf weed control in forage brassicas (oilseed rape and turnips). It combines two active ingredients, Arylex™ active and aminopyralid, in a SC premix formulation (Arylex 100 g ae/L + aminopyralid 50 g ae/L) with a favorable environmental profile. ForageMax provides advanced post-emergence control of a broad spectrum of troublesome broadleaf weeds, including Chenopodium album, Arctotheca calendula, Galium aparine, Lamium amplexicaule, Argemone Mexicana, Geranium spp., Conzya spp., Fumaria spp., Sonchus spp., and volunteer legumes. This herbicide is currently registered in Australia.